451 S


Silver ring signet ring with fingerprint. During the ordering process you may select the See You dealer where you'd like to pick up the jewelry. They will then contact you a.s.a.p to schedule an appointment for you for pick up.

The fingerprint you'd like to have lasered into the ring can be send to We prefer to receive a photo that has been made with your smartphone and then emailed to us. Please take the photo as clear as possible.

The original fingerprint is not saved on our computer. Only the retouched drawing that we made that belongs to your order will be saved and given a unique code. We can always trace your specific order with that code. The code will be written on your warranty certificate that you will receive along with your completed piece of jewelry. We recommend to always save your warranty certificate.


  • Can be picked up at our offcial See You dealer locations (in case there's one available in your country)
  • Available in yellow, rose and white gold


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NL & BE = 1 – 3 werkdagen
EU & UK = 2 – 5 werkdagen
USA = 3 – 5 werkdagen
Other Countries = 5 – 7 werkdagen

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NL & BE = 4 - 5 weken
EU & UK = 5 - 6 weken
USA = 5 - 6 weken
Other Countries = 5 - 6 weken

451 S

  • Zilver
  • Geelgoud
  • Witgoud
  • Roségoud

U kunt dit product bij uw dealer afhalen. Bij het afrekenen van uw bestelling kunt u uw dealer selecteren.

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