422 S Two Identical Fingerprints

Silver cufflinks, round. 2 Identical fingerprints.

You can collect this product at your own dealer. You can select your dealer in the checkout process of your order.


Resin color

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Silver cufflinks with two identical fingerprints. They come per pair. The fingerprint- engraving is included in the price. The engraving is done by us at our headquarters. When the jewelry is engraved we’ll send the order to the chosen See You dealer. They will then contact you to schedule an appointment for pick up.

The fingerprint can be uploaded on this page. Please take the photo as clear as possible.

The original fingerprint will not be saved by us on our computer. Only the retouched drawing that we made that belongs to your order will be saved and given a unique code. We can always trace your specific order with that code. The code will be written on your warranty certificate that you will receive along with your completed piece of jewelry. We recommend to always save your warranty certificate.


  • Two identical fingerprints.
  • Cufflinks available per pair
  • Laserengraving is included in the price
  • Best results guaranteed with inkprint on paper or a fingerprint scanner.


  • 16 mm diameter

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