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See You Memorial Jewelry – Memories deserve nothing less

We understand that your visit to us is not in the best of circumstances, and we thank you for considering our work as a way to preserve the memory of your loved one. The defining characteristic of our keepsake jewelry is the integration of visible ashes or hair into the design of every piece. To ensure your peace of mind, we always make our process of ash-integration available for you to observe. With this collection, we wish to provide you with the beauty and elegance that you will cherish along with your memories.


Memorial jewelry in its widest sense

Memorial Jewelry is not only linked to the passing of a loved one, but is about every memory that you want to carry with you. For example celebrating new life, immortalization of friendships or family bonds, the beach sand of the honey moon trip, graduating from school.

Memorialization can be realised with ashes, hairlocks, handwritten text, milkteeth, mothermilk, pawprints, handprints, fingerprints and so on. Anything that can solidify together with the resin.

Ordering Process 

When you have found the jewelry of your choice you can select the See You dealer where you’d like to pick up the jewelry. They will also take care of the filling for you. The ash remains are then mixed with our special transparent resin which gives a transparent, shiny finish. A colour dye can be added to the resin as well. Unfortunately you are unable to do the filling yourself, but can be realised by our official See You dealers. The assembly process can often be done when you are present. We recommend to ask about the possibilities regarding your presence during the filling process.

If you are situated in a country where there’s no See You dealers available, you can order directly with us through this website and we can take care of the filling for you at our headquarters in The Netherlands. Only one teaspoon of ashes will need to be send to us in order for us to complete the assembly process. Please see ‘Ordering Process’ for the detailed steps.

Ring size
Do you already know your own ring size? Great. You can select the size you need. If the ring size is unknown and it still needs to be measured, we recommend you to visit your nearest jeweller or See You dealer so they can measure your finger.

Order confirmation
Once we receive the order we will send you confirmation email. The process of what happens after the order has been received by us will be explained once more.

How much ashes are needed?
We use approximately one teaspoon per jewelry piece. Often it’s not even necessary to use all the ashes that were brought in. Of course the unused ashes will be returned to you. There’s no need to leave the ashes behind at the See You dealer of your choice.

Delivery times
The delivery time for steel and silver ring items in standard sizes is 5 working days (if you are within the EU.) Delivery times for deliveries outside of the EU depends on the country.
Please allow a delivery time of 4-6 weeks for special ring sizes and for golden items.

What happens after the order is received by See You
We will send your order to the See You dealer of your choice and they will contact you to schedule an appointment so the filling can take place. Please bring a small amount of ashes with you.
This is the same process for hair, milk teeth, mother milk, pet-ashes, etc.



Contact us

See You Memorial Jewelry is also available outside of The Netherlands. You can find the official See You dealers under “Locations”. They have a selection of models for you to review and try on. It’s also possible to have a custom made jewelry piece. Please contact your nearest See You dealer or our office in The Netherlands to ask about all the possibilities.

See You Memorial Jewelry – Memories deserve nothing less